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  • People: Treating people with respect. Meeting their needs and making the process as simple as it can be.

  • Service:  Delivering a first class service to our staff and clients from experts and industry specialists.

  • Opportunities:  Fostering job growth and developing talent in the Bulgarian market.


  • Staff leasing

  • Payroll Services

  • Flexible workforce management

  • HR Outsourcing

  • Talent acquisition and recruitment

  • Exclusive partnership with our global specialist recruitment provider, progressive recruitment.


The only Staff Leasing firm in Bulgaria partnered with a leading global specialist recruiter to deliver the best quality talent quickly and compliantly. Our team includes HR, Accounting and Legal experts to meet your needs.

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Staff Leasing is when a company utilizes a manpower agency to employ and payroll temporary staff and lease the personnel back to work for the company. This way, the agency becomes the legal employer, responsible for timely and correct processing of the payroll, payroll-related taxes, social security and pension contributions, and adherence to the applicable labor legislation and the Labor Code as the employer. The company can outsource all of the administrative burden of hiring personnel and focus on running their business.

How does Stada Manpower’s staff leasing service work?

  • Stada signs a service agreement with your company;

  • Stada also signs an employment contract with each worker who will be leased to your company;

  • The worker is employed by Stada Manpower and is officially seconded to your company;

  • Stada pays the employee each month, according to timesheets approved by your company;

  • Stada also pays all employment taxes, pension fund and other contributions required by the relevant labor and tax legislation;

  • Stada issues comprehensive monthly invoices and reports detailing the time worked and fees for each member of leased staff;

  • You pay on a monthly basis the services charged by invoice, which includes the staff’s actual wages and related taxes and contributions, plus Stada’s service fee.

Why use a staff leasing service?

  • Headcount flexibility;

  • Total operational control of employees with minimal administrative burden;

  • Full guarantee of compliance with the Labor and Tax Code, and all applicable tax and labor related laws and regulations;

  • Transfer of the administrative and accounting workload to an external expert, enabling you to focus on your business;

  • Reduction of your responsibility as an employer, and the related operational and administrative burden;

  • Budget flexibility - project vs headcount budgets; 

  • Ensures the proper adherence to the fast changing and complex amendments of the labour laws and regulations.

What types of businesses use a staff leasing service?

  • Foreign businesses who are not yet registered in Bulgaria or are in the process of setting up locally

  • Growing companies who need flexible headcount solutions

  • Businesses with project-based or demand-based personnel needs

  • Companies with headcount and payroll limitations

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